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Vanessa Hutchinson works with each client to build a picture of their lives and how they would like to live at home so that they can be more relaxed and enjoy their surroundings completely.  When everything around us seems to demand constant and unrelenting attention, time is very important, so creating an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable whilst being easy to use can transform and enhance this precious commodity.

Every house can be designed in many different ways to suit families, young couples, retired couples or individuals and this is where the secret lies:  finding the important things that will make the difference.    This is the key to creating the home that will flow and work for you.

Initial meetings are as much about the people as they are about the house so it is very important that everyone using the new space is part of this initial design process.  Perhaps all that is required is a concept that can be built upon and taken forward by others, or maybe the entire project needs to be designed and managed, either way it is this initial conversation that will determine the direction the design takes.

Vanessa’s special skill is listening to her client’s needs in order to suggest a range of inspirational and creative options to make the space work.  Her ideas can be simple, obvious, radical or unusual but always thought provoking.  They will be presented as clear choices for easier decision-making,  as most of us find it hard to identify our own design preferences, given the vast array of styles and products that are now at fingertips.

Image credits: Hutchinson Furniture and Interiors Ltd and Nick Carter (photographer) & Darren Luschover (Photographer)

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07970 623015
07970 623015