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Concepts & Designs

Vanessa is able to design anything from an individual piece of furniture or room, to a complete house interior.   These can be simple concepts or complete designs.

Concept Designs are for you to take forward with your furniture maker, builder, structural engineer and or architect and give you a feel for how the piece or layout of the house can be, leaving the finer detail for you to build upon and personalize.  They will prompt you to question how you live, or want to live within the space and what options there are for altering the property to suit your needs.

Complete Designs encompass the entire layout of the house and sometimes the garden too, designing each space in much greater detail.  They will show individual room layouts, furniture details as well as electrical and plumbing requirements to help bring the house completely up to date with modern technology and trends.  This will also look at extending and adding to the property and, if required, sourcing relevant materials.  This can be for you to take forward as a project of your own or project managed by Vanessa and a team of specialists.

Image credits: Hutchinson Furniture and Interiors Ltd and Nick Carter (photographer) & Darren Luschover (Photographer)

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07970 623015
07970 623015